Upper Mustang Trekking


Upper Mustang Trekking

A magnificent trek into the high and arid lands of Mustang, the route follows the Kali Gandaki river into the ‘lost Tibetan Kingdom’ described by Michel Peissel in his famous book published in the 1960s. No longer so remote, mysterious or inaccessible, it is still a restricted area for tourists, due to the cost of the permit needed to walk to the mediaeval city of Lo Manthang, and out again. Access is controlled to safeguard the more fragile ecosystem, and the traditional way of life. Nevertheless, teahouse facilities are available now on this trek.

The trek is high at an average altitude of about 3600 metres, rising to a maximum of 4320 metres, it while is not particularly arduous in terms of steep ascents and descents, the force of the wind gusting down the Kali Gandaki makes it more challenging. You will be rewarded by superb views of the Annapurnas, Tilicho Peak and Nilgiri to the south, with the softer shapes of the brown hills receding endlessly to the north towards the Tibetan plateau. Rewarded at last by entry into the walled town of Lo Manthang, your visit culminates in a sense of peace as you explore its narrow alleys and temples. You are the guest in a place that time has left alone. The sky is a vivid blue contrasting with the red and yellow and grey of the wind-eroded cliffs. In the late morning, the wind gets up and buffets you as you walk further into this parched land of wondrous beauty. The way of life in the villages you find on your way stirs the imagination, as you recall that this path was the great salt trading route from Tibet to Nepal.

The season for trekking is May to October. The monsoon winds are less active in Upper Mustang, so that a monsoon trek in July or August is possible, as it lies in a rain shadow. Trekking at this time you will see the fields around the villages vivid with their one annual crop in verdant green shoots against the sun-bleached earth.

Upper Mustang Trekking Itinerary:

 Day 01:


Kathmandu to Pokhara by flight or bus

 Day 02:


Fly to Jomsom from Pokhara. Walk to Kagbeni.

 Day 03:


Kagbeni to Chele: 5-6 hours, 430m ascent, 170m descent.

 Day 04:


Chele to Geling: 7-8 hours, 1060m ascent, 590 descent.

 Day 05:


Geling to Charang: 6-7 hours, 890m ascent, 870 descent.

 Day 06:


Charang to Lo Manthang: 4-5 hours, 450m ascent, 200m descent.

 Day 07:


Lo Manthang

 Day 08:


In Lo Manthang, or excursions.

 Day 09:


Lo Manthang to Ghami via Gekar: 6-7 hours, 810 ascent, 830 descent.

 Day 10:


Ghami to Samar: 6-7 hours, 745m ascent, 771m descent.

 Day 11:


Samar to Kagbeni: 5-6 hours, 150 ascent, 900 descent.

 Day 12:


Kagbeni to Jomsom 3-4 hours, 100m descent.